Frequently Asked Questions


How do I enter a contest?

When you submit an entry, if there is a contest available for the holiday that you have chosen, you'll be asked if you want to enter the contest.


Is there any cost to enter a contest?



Do I have to enter a contest?

No. All submission get entered into the rankings. The only difference between a contest entry and a regular entry is that with a contest entry you have a chance to win a prize.


How can I tell which entries are part of a contest?

If the heading is in blue (instead of black), then you'll know the entry is part of an active contest


If my entry is in first place, but I didn't enter a contest can I still win a prize?

No, only contest entries are eligible to win a prize


What happens if the entry in the number 1 spot isn't a contest entry?

Prizes are awarded to the highest ranking contest entry. It doesn't necessarily have to be in the number 1 spot. It just needs to rank higher than other contest entries.


Can I vote multiple times for a single entry?

No. You can only vote for a single entry once.

Can I ask all of my friends to vote for my entry?

We'd be disappointed, if you didn't


Do I need to prove that I received the gift?

No, we'll take your word for it.


What kind of photos can I upload?

You should only upload photos that you have the right to use (generally, that means a photo that you took)


How much can I win?

Each contest has a specific prize amount associated with it. Generally, they will be in the $100 range (in Canadian dollars)


Can I submit more than one entry?

For contests, you are limited to 5 entries. If you aren't entering a contest there isn't any limit


I submitted an entry, but didn't receive a confirmation email. Why?

In most cases, if you don't receive a confirmation email within 1 business day, it means that your entry was not accepted. Likely reasons are that the entry was not appropriate for our site, the same photo was entered multiple times, etc. Entries that are not accepted are deleted